They want to know how many dogs were on shipboard and where

What Happened To Pets and Other Animals On the Titanic in 1912

A Big 100th Anniversary YearThe year 2012 brought a blast of commemorative events in America to celebrate history from 100 years previous. Ohio especially was full of reenactments of battles on Lake Erie in remembrance of the War of 1812 1814. Michigan joined in with commemorations in its southeast corner on Lake Erie, as did Pennsylvania canada goose outlet in usa with its land in its northeast corner on the lake.

At the same time, memorials and remembrances of the Sinking of the Titanic took place throughout the nation and not only in the Great Lakes and Northeast US Regions. An exhibit commemorating the dozen pets taken for travel on the Titanic visited Chicago in the spring of 2012, near the actual sinking anniversary of April 12, 2012. The exhibit was discussed at length on the John Corby Show on 610 AM radio in Central Ohio.

The ship Titanic had her own official unofficial pet a cat named Jenny. She was a transfer from the Titanic’s sister ship Olympic and lived in the galley of her new ship, having a litt before the ship sailed off into disaster.

Less is heard about the animals on board the ship than about the people, but the public is beginning to ask questions since the 100th Anniversary of the Disaster. They want to know how many dogs were on shipboard and where they were kept. Were there any horses on board? How about cats and exotic animals?

We may never have the full tally of pets and their whereabouts before or after the shipwreck, but we can find that information on 12 dogs, some cats and kittens, and a group of birds. Information also exists ship’s rats were impossible to eliminate before sailing. Being a luxury liner, I’d be surprised if there were not at least one pet cheetah and one horse on shipboard.

The Chicago ExhibitThe exhibit concerning the animals of the Titanic canada goose outlet real was displayed in Chicago through October 2012, with a report of its contents discussed on 610 WTVN canada goose outlet new york city AM Radio in Central Ohio.

One fact that the Chicago exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry had in its possession is that an Airedale named Airedale was traveling on board the Titanic. This is not a case of no name being recorded for an unknown Airedale dog, according to the exhibit and radio announcers; the exhibit states that Airedale was his name. His famous owners, the Astor Family, were not very creative with names and their second Airedale was called something very plain Kitty. However, rumors that the Astors also had a cat named Doggie are likely jokes. Jenny the cat did live in the galley with her kittens, though, and probably died in the disaster unless the true story Titanicat (below) is about Jenny. She quickly left the ship before it’s first voyage.

The Chicago exhibit listed 12 dogs based on ship’s rosters and pet tickets, whereas blog accounts list only 9 dogs and are based more on word of mouth stories. A couple of phantom dogs that never existed have been woven into appearances on the ship as well.

Of the dozen dogs traveling on Titanic, only 3 were saved and one of them was killed soon afterward in NYC during a fight with a canada goose outlet sale larger dog.

cheap canada goose uk It is very likely that a Newfoundland and a Saint Bernard reported on the ship and performing heroic canada goose outlet official exploits in oral tradition legends after the sinking of the ship did not exist at all. No tickets or ship’s records were recovered for them. See the book White Star: A Dog On the Titanic below. cheap canada goose uk

The twelve recorded dogs that were verified by witnesses and ship’s logs:

Canada Goose Online «Sun Yat Sen» Pekinese that canada goose outlet uk survived. Owned by Henry Sleeper Harper (Harper Publishing) and his wife Myra. Canada Goose Online

«Lady» Pomeranian canada goose outlet vancouver that survived. Owned by Miss Margaret B. Hays

Male Pomeranian that survived. Owned by Miss Elizabeth B. Rothschild

«Gamin de Pycombe» a French bulldog. Owned by Robert William Daniel

Canada Goose Jackets «Frou Frou» breed? Owned by Mrs. Helen Walton Bishop. Mrs. Bishop left the dog in her stateroom to die, the dog tugging at her dress with his teeth as she canada goose outlet london left him. She later put in a loss claim to the cruiseline for him, as didmany oter passengers. Canada Goose Jackets

«Kitty» Airedale. Owned by th wealthy John Jacob Astor IV

Another Airedale Owned by John Jacob Astor IV

Chow Chow Owned by Harry Anderson

A King Charles Cavalier Owned by William Ernest Carter. (See photo above.)

Canada Goose Coats On Sale An unknown breed Owned by William Ernest Carter. Canada cheap canada goose Goose Coats On Sale

Great Dane Owner? Could be William Crothers Dulles.

uk canada goose An unknown breed Owner? uk canada goose

canada goose black friday sale Mythical Beasts on the Titanic canada goose black friday sale

The oral histories of Titanic included early on canada goose outlet store near me that a herd of dairy cows was boarded on the cruise ship. However, no listing of them on ship’s records was ever found. They are the phantom cows of the imagination.

canada goose clearance sale A newspaper story about a hero dog named Rigel was discovered to be a fiction. canada goose clearance sale

Rigel’s original owner on Titanic, a crewman named Murdoch, had not taken his own dog on board at all and the subsequent rescuer of the heroic dog, crewman Jonas Briggs of the ship Carpathia, was never found in crew lists of that ship. He apparently did not exist and was another phantom or an angel.

canada goose coats Passengers thought they were hearing real phantoms, however, because the galley had its own collection of chickens for eggs and meat. When the chickens crowed, they were heard throughout the ship’s ventilation system. canada goose coats

cheap Canada Goose In addition, one of the passengers had her show chickens on board: French chickens and prize roosters. These birds could also be heard, along with the food chickens, through the duct work cheap Canada Goose.

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