The view from The Anam’s lobby to the sea

canada goose outlet The people here know real pain after decades of war, and this has made them optimistic and full of hope for a future increasingly reliant on tourism. But look a little deeper and you’ll discover Cam Ranh Bay is more than just your typical luxury escape destination.Once famous for its use as a base by a long line of foreign military and navy forces, this gem in Vietnam’s south central coast region is fast becoming a key cog in a tourism boom helping the country bounce back from decades of devastating conflict.An aerial view of The Anam, the first five star beach resort in the up and coming area of Cam Ranh in south central Vietnam. Picture: SuppliedThe resort is operating at or near capacity on each of the three days I’m staying, but in this tranquil environment with about 3000 palm trees and massive amounts of open space, you wouldn’t know it.I’ve just flown about an hour from the kaleidoscope of colour and chaos that is Ho Chi Minh City, after a mad early morning dash to the airport that included the dreaded «final call» announcement and a warning that I had just one minute left to board my flight.But I soon forget all about this when I arrive at The Anam, where stress simply doesn’t make it past the lobby.The view from The Anam’s lobby to the sea.

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