The price to upgrade RAM from 8GB to 16GB is $200 on cheap canada goose They come sealed in little bowls and will last up to a week in the fridge. The Canberra Times team tried a few different options. The sunkissed pesto included pasta, sun dried tomatoes, basil, rocket and pine nuts. Benchmarks in Shanghai and Hong Kong retreated after the White House said a proposed national security law might jeopardize the Chinese territory’s status as a global financial centre.The Hang Seng index in Hong Kong tumbled 0.7% to 23,223.43 and the Shanghai Composite Index lost 0.2% to 2,840.89. The Nikkei 225 in Tokyo recovered from early losses to gain 0.7% at 21,418.31.Elsewhere in Asia, the Kospi in Seoul was off less than 0.1% at 2,028.51 and Australia’s S 200 was unchanged at 5,780.00.India’s Sensex opened up 0.7% at 30,816.97. New Zealand gained 1.2% while Singapore, Bangkok and Jakarta declined.Overnight, Wall Street closed at its highest level in nearly three months on hopes the global economy might be recovering from its deepest slump since the 1930s as more countries reopen factories, shops and other businesses.The law under consideration for Hong Kong by the Chinese legislature has prompted warnings it might erode the independence of courts and other elements that help to make the former British colony a business centre.Hong Kong’s leader tried Tuesday to reassure businesses and the public the law wouldn’t threaten civil liberties.

Canada Goose Outlet Big part of that is education. Some people know that the herd has been there for a number of decades and some, I know, believe the herd is healthy. They are not aware of the danger that they are in. The market has been mostly in rally mode since April as investors focused on the prospects for an economic turnaround as broad areas of the economy reopened. But the recent surge in new infections is undercutting some of that optimism. States and new cases nationwide are near their peak level of two months ago.. Canada Goose Outlet

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cheap Canada Goose «Anzac Day is the time to bring the heater out in Canberra, and Monday is a reminder of why you do that.» Cold weather has been seen across most of NSW with the exception of the coastal fringes as temperatures plummeted in western parts of the state to single digits. The cold snap on Monday didn bring any snow to the ACT, but parts of the Snowy Mountains did receive falls during the weekend. Tuesday in Canberra will bring a low of minus 1 but will rise to 14 after some morning fog.»We had a cold front move through on the weekend and that allowed for the cold air to come up behind it, and now the ridge of the high pressure system is the dominant feature.»Monday morning’s temperature was five degrees lower than the average minimum for May, which is 2.3 degrees.It’s not, however, the lowest temperature seen in May, with that record being minus 6.9 set in 2011.»[Monday’s temperature] was significantly lower than average,» Ms Reid said.»It’s in the lowest 10 per cent of temperatures for May, so it’s in the realms of unusual for this time of year.»The high pressure system that was driving Monday’s chilly start will hang around for the next few days.While Tuesday will have a warmer start, it will still be in negative territory with a low of minus 1.Canberra got its coldest morning of the year so far, dropping to minus 3 overnight. cheap Canada Goose

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