The Maynard Company for Journalism Education

The Maynard Institute for the purpose of Journalism Education is an American nonprofit that trains people of color to become journalists, editors, and newspaper managers. The Institute’s mission is to increase the number of people of color in mainstream advertising and escuela. Founded in 1984, the Institute just for Journalism Education was has been renowned in honor of their co-founder Robert C. Maynard. Founded in Chicago, The state of illinois, the organization is actually led by simply Matn G. Reynolds and Evelyn Hsu.

The Maynard Start was established in 1977 by simply nine press. It is specialized in the development of a various journalism discipline and helps bring diversity among journalists. The Commence began as a publication referred to as the Caudwell Journals, that were personal accounts of black journalists. After the first ten years, the project expanded with an oral background project, where the Maynard Start interviewed up to 29 black media. The interviews were made possible by a grant through the John S. and David K. Dark night Foundation.

The Maynard Start is a charitable company that is targeted on journalism education and investigate. Its programs and study are designed to improvement the career and society. It is operating out of Chicago and it is open to all journalists. Education costs is usually $10, 000. On-campus expenses and foods at Northwestern University are usually covered. Yet , it is important to notice that scholarships are not designed for this program. The Maynard Company is a remarkably selective and highly trustworthy program.