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HomeNewsUK World NewsEuropean UnionBreakfast cereal brands attacked for refusing to put red traffic light sugar warnings on boxesKellogg’s Crunchy Nut Honey and Nut Clusters, Eat Natural Toasted Muesli Vine Fruit and Jordans Country Crisp with Crunchy Chunky Nuts were highlighted13:00, 8 AUG 2017It also found that a further six brands, Eat Natural, Lizi’s, Nature’s Path cheap jordans, Paleo Foods Co., Rude Health and Dorset Cereals, contain no FOP nutrition labelling and some products contain high levels of sugar.Katharine Jenner, Action on Sugar and FoodSwitch UK campaign director, said: «Shoppers should be seeing red cheap jordans, and they would be if manufacturers used the correct labels.»It’s scandalous that certain food manufacturers are still refusing to be transparent when it comes to front of pack nutrition labelling.Froot Loops, one of the USA’s most popular cereals»If there is no front of pack label with one brand cheap jordans, shoppers should assume they are hiding something so buy another brand instead.»The sugar and health expert group says that cereal shoppers could save themselves around 45 teaspoons of sugar per month (182g) if they had access to consistent FOP labelling.Registered nutritionist Kawther Hashem, researcher at Action on Sugar said: «Consistent labels allow shoppers, at a glance, to see the huge variation in salt and sugar levels in breakfast cereals.ALL the Coventry restaurants where your kids can eat free this summer»Many of these cereals, often aimed at children, would receive a red traffic light label for being high in sugars.»Companies need to reduce the sugar and salt levels now by working towards the sugar targets by 2020 and salt targets by the end of 2017 and proudly display this on their front of pack nutrition labels.»The colour coding uses red for high cheap jordans, amber for medium and green for low on labels to indicate to consumers what levels of fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt are in the product.10 supermarket shopping habits that drive staff crazyA spokesman for Kellogg’s said: «Kellogg’s complies with all EU and local labelling requirements, which set out specific rules regarding what information should be included on food labels.»We strive to present this information in a way that is both legally compliant and clear and meaningful for consumers. Kellogg was one of the first companies to voluntarily adopt front of pack GDA labelling back in 2007.»We use GDA labelling because we believe it gives consumers a better source of information than traffic light labels. Traffic light labelling does not take into account portion size or the role that the food plays in the diet.»Kellogg’s is committed to improving the nation’s diet.

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