Responsibility towards owners: The primary responsibility of

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Replica Bags Wholesale Therefore, it is important for management to consider whether their policies and actions are likely to promote the public good, advance the basic values of society, and add to its stability, strength, and harmony.Besides taking care of the financial interest of owners, managers of business firms must also take into account the interests of various other groups such as employees, consumers, 7a replica bags the government, and the community as a whole. These interested groups are directly or indirectly affected by the pursuit of business activities and they are replica bags in china the stake holders in the enterprise.Responsibility towards owners: The primary responsibility of management is to assure a replica bags us fair and reasonable rate of return on capital and fair return on investment. With the growth of business, shareholders can also expect appreciation in the value of their capital.Responsibility towards employees: Responsibility towards employees relates to fair wages and salaries, satisfactory work environment, labour management relations, and employee welfare. Replica Bags Wholesale

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