Reports said that they were picked up by around 15

On June 15, two staff members of the Indian mission, who are working as drivers in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, were detained for over 12 hours. Reports said that they were picked up by around 15 to 16 armed persons who had come in 5 6 cars at around 8:30 45 hours from a petrol station close to the mission. They were blindfolded with a rucksack thrown over their heads and handcuffed and were then taken to an unknown destination..

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cheap Canada Goose We need to get some footy on the field at some stage and we’ve got a couple of weeks ahead of us to see what that looks like.»The impact of no fans or games will be felt for several months as teams come to terms with what has happened.The NRL is set to give its clubs a cash injection, while Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle is expected to detail as much of the sport’s plans as she can on Monday.The Brumbies and Raiders have asked members seeking answers to be patient, urging them to stick with the teams as they navigate the uncertainty.»It’s not a time to panic, it’s a time to be measured,» Thomson said.»We’ve got to look at the advice we’ve got. And with all that information we’ll be doing our best to get rugby back on the paddock.»Our guys want to play footy, spectators want to see footy and broadcasters want footy on TV. What that looks like, I can’t tell you at the moment cheap Canada Goose.