Program offers free educational standards based curriculum to

While Senator Ferlo was working the legislature this time, Julie Sokolow, a young artist, began collecting the stories of other young artists in need of affordable and quality care. She wondered if other artists had the same problem with lack of health insurance as she did, artists who worked part time or in service industry jobs without insurance. She realized that the concept of single payer had not really clicked with her generation, so she made a short video that told the stories of other artists like herself without insurance or access to care, and linked their lack of access to the very core of what a healthy democracy requires active, healthy voters..

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Non banking financial companies (NBFCs), also known as shadow banks, have suffered a blow ever since a liquidity crunch brought to the fore various issues affecting the sector. As Finance Minister Arun Jaitley tables the interim Budget in Parliament on February 1, analysts will keenly scout for any announcements on the cash starved sector. From management reshuffles to open market operations, the central bank and the government have time and again announced measures to rescue the non banking financial companies.

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