Like Brady, Manning also regularly plays in pro ams; Elliott Whitehead 13. Joseph Tapine. Interchange: 14. What all these wrong goal examples have in common is that people have tried them over and over, and they never work the way you want. The reason they never work is that they don specify the method. As one of my favourite Deming quotes says, «If you can accomplish a [numerical quality goal without a [new] method, then why were you not doing it last year? There is only one possible answer: you were goofing off.»What ends up happening is that people will cheat the system so they can hit the target you enforced, while sacrificing some other critical thing you forgot to enforce.

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Canada Goose Parka And while it’s clear Strome is a bigger, faster, more talented player than fourth line centre Mark Letestu at this point in Letestu’s career, when it comes to special teams only in the last few games has Strome played ahead of Letestu. Connor McDavid’s leads the forwards in special team time per game at 5:02 per game (1:19 on the PK, 3:03 on the PP), but then comes Letestu, a cagey and smart competitor whom Coach Todd McLellan greatly admires, but one who has struggled to make an impact at even strength even on the fourth line against less competition. Letestu has played 4:31 per game (1:58 on the top power play unit, 2:33 on the PK) which puts him ahead of Ryan Nugent Hopkins, 3:32 (1:43 on the PK, 1:51 on second power play), Leon Draisaitl, 3:33 (0:43 on PK, 2:50 on PP) and far ahead of Strome, (0:13 on PK per game, 1:51 on second power play). Canada Goose Parka

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