I somehow interviewed politician Zac Goldsmith

For now, Somerset has made tentative steps at reinvention. Several wind farms have cropped up on the spiny ridges of the Appalachian Mountains. A medical device company hired dozens more workers to manufacture breathing aids. But I do remember sitting at my desk at the desk I am sitting at right now and bashing out copy, high as a kite on valium. I wrote my columns for The Telegraph here in Britain. I somehow interviewed politician Zac Goldsmith.

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This is appalling for sure. That said this comment is racist itself, we now judging people because of how they look? How many democrats look like him as well? As a Canadian seeing your politics play out I don think isolating «white males» is doing anybody any favours. One can help it if they look a certain way, labeling someone as a «white asshole» is the same as labelling someone a «black asshole».

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