(I digging up the source for this now) He had incubators up

How could you have done that?Peter Van Sant: Did you ask Bart why he had lied to you? Why he had said he was a student at Sam Houston State?Det. Marshall Slot: Yes, sir. He just didn\u0027t want to disappoint his family. Dot 2: In October 2010, colourful ANC MP Mabel Petronella Mentor went to Johannesburg to see Zuma after she had asked for a meeting with him to express her unhappiness with the closure of the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor company. Mentor was the chair of Parliament Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises. (She had organised the meeting through Zuma chief advisor, Lakela Kaunda, who would later admit having received money from a Gupta linked company while working for the ANC.).

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