I bought a ps4 after I bought my TV

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[score hidden] submitted 7 hours agoThe difference for me is I respect moose and bears and all those other tasty small animals and I want them to feel as little as possible when i kill them, a coyote on the other hand is a mutant invaders that I couldn’t care less for. We got an old man around my cabin who does fur trapping his defence from coyotes a steel band on a stick just smacks the fuckers on the head when they come to close. Buddy of mine got stuck on his atv and got attacked by four cheap canada goose of these fuckers and had to fend them off with an axe until we got there with tools to fix his machine and a shotgun to send off the coyotes. At my nans place her neighbour and his big old lab got attacked by three of them they killed his dog but he managed to kill two of them stabbed one and smashed the head of them other one in with a rock. Fuck coyotes man, was it over kill what buddy did absolutely should have just slit its throat and been done with but don’t cry over these vermin.jasonj2232 801 points submitted 16 days agoSony peaked with the Xperia Z3. Then canada goose outlet florida onwards they simply haven been able to keep up with the competition.Also Sony most definitely have the worst marketing department ever. They make some of the best in class products (1000x NC headphones, Mirrorless cameras, Bravia TVs etc) but I have never seen an advertisement for any of these products. They were ahead of the curve with so many things like waterproof phones but people only started caring about waterproof phones when Samsung and/or Apple included the feature.It just fucking stupid that they can make good phones or market them considering they have all the necessary resources at their disposal.Edit: Also, wtf happened to canada goose outlet orlando the Z series tablets? The Z3 tablet was simply the best tablet at one point and then the product line fizzled out. They should fire the idiot who manages their mobile division.Edit 2: If you canada goose outlet usa want to see how abysmal Sony marketing is, just go to YouTube and search for reviews of a Sony phone, the only ones you find will be that of the Z5, mostly because of its 4k screen, and that Z1 or prior smartphones.Edit 3: Continuing my rant here, I admittedly a bit of a Sony fanboy and I quite invested in Sony products. I have a ps4, a Bravia TV, Sony Blu ray player, an a6000 mirrorless camera, Sony headphones and I use Sony apps but I wont buy an Xperia because if I paying top price for a phone, I want it to be the best (and have a headphone jack), and currently Sony doesn have the best or even 2nd or 3rd best mobile in any price category.Edit 4: The Blu Ray canada goose outlet store near me drive I have came with the TV for free. I bought a ps4 after I bought my TV. Yes, both can play Blu Ray discs.Ectar93I canada goose outlet store new york Even Let Ya Swing First! canada goose outlet sale 9 canada goose outlet toronto points submitted 17 days agoFirepot Spider is terrible, even in self harm, and you would be much better served by Dushnikh Yal Archer. She still an activator for self harm, she guards AND provides support removal.I also replace Fire Bolt with Steel Scimitar. This is clearly canada goose outlet factory an aggro list and Scimitar fits better into the aggro game plan for pushing more damage to face. The extra toughness also helps make favorable trades which is extra important for self harm synergy. Also activates Berserker.RoaminOff 1 point submitted 29 days agoIts risk/reward type of card. Tutoring effects are also really powerful and although its not direct tutor card, its still narrows the amount of possible cards one can draw.Thats right, this card doesnt respond to the board state, but gives you value when triggered from prophecy in a form of two card draw and semi tutoring. If you see a 4 costing card in the opponents hand on turn three, it might just fill up your curve nicely, which is strong play.GreyFoxNinjaFan 238 points submitted 1 month agoFor anyone wondering what the iPhone recorded, it was basically the sitter using offensive language and slapping the child around.Doesn sound like much. but over 5 months. that some psychological issues his parents will not be having fun with in future.many people in the world still consider physical punishment of children to be normal. I am not one of these people. A kid getting slapped around in many cultures might be considered a big deal I am not part of one of these cultures.Draculasaurus_Rex 6 points canada goose outlet winnipeg submitted 1 month agoCA seems to really want big centerpiece units for each faction, and https://www.canada-gooseoutlets.ca while the bear cavalry would certainly feature for Kislev if they wanted to include more big, fancy units they could also start making use of the various Kislevite nature spirits. These were mentioned in the 2nd edition of the RPG and they basically Athel Loren style spirits, filtered through Slavic folklore.If they did this it would make a ton of sense for Baba Yaga (or «The Ancient Widow») to be the LL themed around buffing and enhancing these spirit units, maybe even bringing a few unique ones of her own to the table.

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