Horacio Arruda, Quebec director of public health,

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canada goose clearance sale The 1,013 cases a rise of 385 from a day earlier followed a ratcheting up in the number of completed tests, but the province death toll remained at four, Premier Francois Legault told a daily briefing.in today data, one might presume that the results also come from the increase in the number of tests, so we hope that in the coming days, the jumps will not be as significant, Legault said, noting the time between testing and results is down to about two days.About 2,500 people were awaiting a result Tuesday, while about 12,200 tests had come back negative. Sixty seven people remained hospitalized, 31 of them in intensive care.Dr. Horacio Arruda, Quebec director of public health, said it clear there a shift underway from travellers bringing back the disease to community transmission.With all non essential businesses ordered to close until April 13 as of midnight, Legault called for solidarity, saying the coming three weeks will be vital to saving lives.know we going through difficult times. canada goose clearance sale

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