Continue for specified number of stitches

Do your own research and find comparable vehicles to your own within 50 100 miles of your house and compile an easily digestible report that you can e mail to the adjuster. If you can show that the range is 10K 11K instead of 8K 9K, they will listen. None of the adjusters I know are rated on how much money they save their company we are typically rated on how quickly we can get something off our desk.

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If you feel comfortable doing so, you can certainly contact HSI and let them know that the DMV is handing out federal IDs to the wrong person it might not be a bad idea as this would provide documentation in case «you» wind up using that ID to commit a crime. And send a public records request to goyard replica the DMV to get all records created regarding this incident in case you need to prove what happened. It is unlikely that you can take any lawsuit against them because of sovereign immunity, but if you believe that there was gross neglect or fraud involved, definitely talk to HSI and the NYC Dept of Investigation..

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