As a key example he noted the Straits of Malacca

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cheap air force You just muddling through and a lot of the time, our policy towards China is basically that that not ideal. He suggested the Australian government needs to not be afraid to step in and start drawing red lines against China.As a key example he noted the Straits of Malacca, a narrow stretch of water north of Australia that serves as one of the world most important shipping lanes.This strait, which cheap jordan for sale links many of the major Asian economies, is essential to Australia defence and strategic interests.According to Dr Lockyer, it also set to become one of the most contested regions of the 21st century with China, India and the United States leading the feud.He acknowledged that this is yet to become a serious issue, but said Australia should consider it in the bud now before it actually becomes one further down the track.Meanwhile, stepping away from Washington is an unlikely prospect at this stage.China and the US ever got into a direct confrontation, there little doubt we would be on the US cheap jordan 3 black cement side, said Dr Lockyer. Inevitable. cheap air force

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