After nearly 10 years of teaching driving I am still as

Losing a pet is heart wrenching. Anyone who denies this either never had a pet or never had a heart to wrench. We had plenty of time to prepare for our girl’s passing, and I mistakenly believed that this would make it easier or somehow a relief when she died.

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I am ORDIT registered to deliver all parts of the Approved Driving Instructor qualifying exams as well as Check test re assessment and training for existing Instructors. I teach driving at all levels and also deliver the Pass Plus post test training course. After nearly 10 years of teaching driving I am still as enthusiastic as ever.

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This Monday, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in the case of Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona, an important free speech case. Garrett Epps, a prominent law professor and contributor to the Atlantic, is deeply concerned that the Court will decide it in a way that leads to increased protection for speech that he does not like.

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