3 min readIn medical school, we become adept at memorizing

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Everything serves those that profit, or think that they profit, from it. Not necessarily financially, although in the end it appears to be that power and economic strength is what is used to control and manipulate opinion. Just thoughts.. 3 min readIn medical school, we become adept at memorizing diagnostic criteria, able to spout off, at a moment’s notice, the definitions for everything from autism to schizophrenia. For some diagnoses, we are aided by mnemonics SIG E CAPS for depression, DIG FAST for mania while other disorders require simple brute force memorization. All of this is, we are told, to help us divide those with mental illness into neat little boxes, each with its own implications for prognosis and treatment.Textbooks traditionally have supported this simplified view of the world, providing brief case studies that serve to illustrate diagnoses and adding restricted color to the paint by number portraits of illness we create in our mind’s eye.

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You can fight immediately by redefining yourself too. I do not mean small changes, of which I speak are extensive changes. If you want to win back your lost love, the first thing to do is change your body physically. OK, so I’ve been to the doctors, had a course of antibiotics and some little white tablets to stop me from becoming unbalanced (lol) and although the pain has gone now I’m deaf in one ear. I have tried the usual things warming it up, towel of head and breath in vapours, doctors says it doesn’t need syringing, I’ve got nasal breathing thingys to try to clear the sinus’ but nothing is shifting it. I feel like I’ve either gone up to high altitude or I’m under water.

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